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AutraMic mini 4800Plus
Automated Workstation for Nucleic Acid Extraction and PCR Test

AutraMic mini 4800Plus can process 48 samples per run by automatically decapping and recapping primary sample tubes, distributing samples, nucleic acid extraction, and PCR amplification. All workflows are completed in a fully automated way by the instrument itself and without manual intervention, which results in no contact between operating personnel and samples.

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Tech Specifications

Core Technologies

  • Intelligent sample distribution system,

  • Highly efficient nano magnetic beads extraction method to avoid misdiagnosis

  • Real time qPCR to provide reliable results


Product Advantages

Convenience and Labor-saving

  • Directly primary sample tube loading, with no tedious manual sample pipette

  • Automatically decapping and recapping sample tubes to minimize manual operation

Fast and Efficient

  • Sample to result in 2 hours for 48 tests

  • Sample Pooling: up to 10 samples


Safe and reliable

  • UV lamp and HEPA filter to highly effective contamination prevention

  • Fully enclosed negative pressure system, with no contact between operating personnel and samples during the whole workflow


Smart and Small

  • Floor space<0.4m2

  • One-click daily maintenance

  • Intelligent image recognition and warning system

Product Specifications

Major Functions

Automated decapping and recapping standard sampling tube (proprietary)

Automated distributing samples and proteinase K/ internal control

Extraction and purification of nucleic acid

PCR setup and amplification



Specimen Types

Swab, serum, plasma, whole blood, sputum, etc.



Turnaround Time

2 hours for 48 tests

Extraction Method

Magnetic beads method

Detection Module Parameters

Fluorescence channel: 4

Independent LED excitation light source

Heating: 4/s

Cooling: 3/s

Temp control accuracy: ±0.25


AC100-220V (±10%); 50-60Hz


Temperature: 15-32, humidity: 30-80%

Contamination Control

Fully enclosed negative pressure system

Pipetting pump airtight anti-drip design

HEPA filter

UV lamp

Dimensions (L*W*H)




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